The Law Offices of Sheila Deselich Cohen  is routinely involved in drafting and negotiating agreements with industry-leading entities for the provision of services and the sale or licensing of products, including:


When Sheila initially left private law firm practice in 1999 to pursue a position as in-house counsel for a national corporation with multiple lines of business, she did so with the objectives of expanding her subject matter expertise and enhancing her technical capabilities as a lawyer. The opportunity she accepted far exceeded her expectations. As in-house counsel, she became proficient in reviewing, evaluating and preparing business agreements covering a broad range of transactions. The opportunity to work on a large volume of agreements enhanced her ability to make legal judgments regarding necessary contractual protections, as well as her ability to successfully negotiate compromises without creating unnecessary obstacles or delays. Since returning to private practice by establishing The Law Offices of Sheila Deselich Cohen, Sheila has had an opportunity to expand her contracting skills even further by working with clients from varying industries, including the retail, home construction, health care cost containment, and marketing industries.

Often, the contracting process begins with the receipt of a form document that fails to address the facts and terms of a particular transaction or fails to reflect the parties’ true intentions. Correcting these deficiencies reduces the likelihood of a dispute between the parties as their relationship unfurls. Sheila’s extensive contracting experience enables her to effectively identify potential problems and efficiently revise or recraft an agreement to describe the parties’ intentions accurately, thereby protecting her clients’ interests and bringing the deal to a close in a timely fashion.

The Law Offices of 
Sheila Deselich Cohen

Commercial Contracting Services


  • Employment and severance agreements

  • Software licensing and maintenance agreements

  • Telecommunications agreements

  • Consulting agreements

  • Confidentiality and non-competition agreements

  • Manufacturing agreements

  • Payroll and staffing agreements

  • Marketing agreements

  • Tolling and settlement agreements

  • Inventory and logistics agreements

  • Outsourcing and administration agreements