Client base includes:

A boutique law firm specializing in:

  • Health Plan Drafting and Compliance
  • Health Plan Administration, Operations and Cost Containment

  • ERISA Compliance
  • Commercial Contracting

History of the Firm

Sheila established The Law Offices of Sheila Deselich Cohen over 14 years ago, primarily in response to the needs of several companies with which she had established business relationships. Those initial clients knew that Sheila had previously served as in-house counsel for a national corporation and its subsidiaries, and knew that she had worked for a large, national law firm prior to taking an in-house counsel position. They were looking for an experienced attorney who would take the time to understand their business needs and provide a high level of timely, personal service without charging an exorbitant rate. By establishing the firm, Sheila provided that solution. Those initial clients, each of which had a national presence and prestigious reputation, had the foresight to look beyond the typical constructs of the “big firm” attorney-client relationship. Soon the firm grew to include other corporate clients with the same vision. By immersing herself in the businesses of her clients, sharing their passion for the delivery of outstanding products and services, and providing prompt, practical and effective counseling, Sheila has built sincere, long-lasting, trusting relationships with individuals and entities that she is proud to service.

  • Third Party Administrators (TPAs) of self-funded, fully-insured and Taft-Hartley plans ​
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies 
  • Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), including travel networks and dental networks 
  • Telemedicine vendors 
  • Digital health vendors
  • Regional Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) 
  • Healthcare technology companies 
  • Provider groups 
  • Healthcare strategy and business development entities 
  • Other healthcare cost-containment vendors
  • Law firms and consulting firms


The Law Offices of 
Sheila Deselich Cohen